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How to use the e-ticket?

After you download the e-ticket you can print it or you can use it from your mobile.
Once you arrive to that event you need to show the printed e-ticket or the ticket from your mobile. Organizer will have a mobile application provided by myK, that will scan the QR code from your e-ticket. Alternatively, they can ask the code placed below the QR code from invitation and search your e-ticket number manually.

If the code from your e-ticket is valid, you should enter on that event.

Please note that if the organizer refuse your entrance because of some different reasons, myK is not responsible for this as myK is just a tool between you, as a guest and organizer.myK doesn't have the right and the legal support to grant your full access to that event. But we encourage you to send us a feedback if you have problems.
If you cannot find your answer, you can contact us any time.
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