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myK Admin mobile application

For the moment we are giving possibility to have application only for Android.

To use this application, you need to be connected to internet, to synchronize the data with myK database.

Only login from
The application does offer only login form at the launch. If you want to use create organizer account or add delegates to your Organizer account, you need to use the website
If your organizer account will be deleted, or you are delegate for an organizer and the organizer chose to remove you from his/her events, you will not be able to login into myK Admin mobile application

After you will create the organizer account on myk, you will have in your account the link from where you can download myK Admin application. Based on your subscription, you can login to that application and from there, you can:

1. See your events
2. How many e-tickets have been acquired for these events
3. How many people has been check-in, using th QR Scanner of this application
4.QR Scanner

QR Scanner

If you will scan an invitation and the code bar is valid ( acquired for that event ) you will see the person First name and Last name, if he already checked in or not. From there you can choose to accept that person or reject that person, to synchronize with database. In real time, you can see how many passed through your event door using e-tickets, via myK Admin application

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