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How can you use voucher code?

Once you are on an event page that has type: e-ticket with voucher, when you click Get E-ticket a new input form will be openened and it will ask you to enter a valid voucher code.

We will validate the voucher code and if the code is ok, you can get the E-ticket. Remember that if the event has etickets limitation number, even you have a valid code, if the limitation is reached you still cannot get the ticket.

After getting the E-ticket, by using Voucher code, will generate a new Voucher code for you.You can find this code in Voucher codes page. You can give this code to a friend and this friend can get the ticket based on your Voucher code. Your friend will get another generated voucher code, after he will use yours to get the event E-ticket.

For some events, depends on organizer choice, you can receive more than one Voucher codes.

The Voucher codes are designed to use for a specific event. You cannot use a voucher code for an event and used for another.
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