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Accounts on

Accounts on

Everybody is eligible to create account on It is free and it is simple!

Your personal info
We will share with organizers your name and photo ( if you uploaded one). The rest of information will be used to give you the best experience on, for example we ask about your birthday, to be assured that you have over 18years old or we ask about your city/country to suggest you the events only from your area.

If you are not agree this, just please do not create any account on or if you already created one, please contact us to delete your information from

Activating account
After you will submit the Registration form, you will receive an email from ( please check the SPAM folder as well). In that email you will have the activation link or if your email client doesn't support HTML elements, you just can copy the code from email and paste it into the activation page.
If you don't receive the activation email use our contact form or send an email to office[at] .
Once you validate the activation code ( by link or manually) you will be automatically logged into

Login into account
After you activate the account, you can use your email address and password to access account.

Reset password
If you forgot your password, we can reset your password by using Forgot Password page. Once you add the email address that you used to login on, we will send you a reset password link in your email inbox ( please check SPAM folder, too). If you don't click on that link, the password will not be changed and the account will still have last used password.
When you click on reset password link you will be redirected to Change forgot password page and if your link is correct, you can change your password with the new one.

Login with Facebook account
You can choose to login in system, using your Facebook account. However, if you opted in to login in this way, we need to ask your birthday/phone number and to create a password for this websiteNext time, you can login to using same Facebook account or with the email you have on Facebook and the password you just saved on edit account page.
If you cannot find your answer, you can contact us any time.
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