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User roles for Organizer accounts

An owner of an Organizer account can add or remove delegates, administrator, moderator and steward. He can add all these types from from Delegates tab under the Edit organizer account details.

- Owner
will have full access to all Organizer/Events features and the owner cannot be deleted

- Admin
will have full access to all Organizer/Events features, but Admin can be deleted, replaced and an Organizer can have multiple Admins.

- Moderator can:
a. see other delegates
b.see banned users
c.see statistics
d.make checkin with or without entries for Member cards and eTickets
e.view/edit reservations
f.see Event info
g.view/edit vouchers
h.accept/reject Member card requests

- Steward can
a. scan etickets and member cards, with or without entries
b.see high level statistics
c.see reservations, but without modifying them
d.see vouchers, but without modifying them

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