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What type of e-tickets can I have on myK guestlist system?

MyK gives you opportunity to create several types of e-tickets for your guests.

1. Normal open e-ticket
You will create an event and every logged visitor of that event page will just get the e-ticket with the individual code on it.

2. E-Ticket based on voucher code
You can generate how many voucher code you want for your event and that just spread these code to your guests. Based on that code they can get the e-ticket to secure the entrance to your event. After using the voucher code, you will have two options to offer them:

a. One-time usage
The code will be used to get the e-ticket and no other voucher code will be generated after use.
b. One-code for all etickets
For the same event, only who knows the main code can take the ticket. The user who does know about this code, can get the e-ticket, after it is enetered on Code field.
c.Pay it Forward System
Once a guest will use the voucher code, he will receive another code in order to be given to another friend.That friend will use the voucher code and another voucher code will be generated and so on.. This system is best to make your event viral.

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